St. Patrick’s Day Gift Guide

What are the three things that come to mind when we say Irish? For us, it is Great folk music, St Patrick’s Day, and the leprechauns. For others, what may come to mind is drinking, fair maidens, and the Clover. These are just associations and clichés but sometimes we kind of take pride in our heritage, especially when the phrase: Kiss me I’m Irish, comes to mind.
As the story goes, of which there are many versions, there was this McCarthy who had an audience with the Queen of England and he wasn’t sure about his speaking prowess. As he was going on his way to meet the Queen, he met an old wise woman, who told him to kiss a particular stone in Blarney Castle. He did this and it so happened that his audience with the Queen was very successful. Somehow, that turned into the phrase: Kiss me I’m Irish. Yes, we are a bit confused as well. It must have been originally written by someone who had a few too many.
Or, maybe you are more interested in the Leprechaun with their pot of gold. It is rumored that a rainbow can guide you to the treasure. Alas, they don’t last for very long. Nevertheless, you can always try catching the mischief maker.
But, you aren’t here for a lesson in Irish Folklore, so we will not enforce it upon you. There is one pot of gold which is accessible to you and it is full of links to some of the best deals on the internet for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day.



It is inevitable that we get tired in the office and have energy crashes, in all this period we have always wondered why there haven’t been innovative ways to wake us up. Coffee is good and all, but it can prove to be as addictive as, well coffee. This energizing inhaler won’t replace the coffee, but it will take you a long way from getting off the habit. One sniff should be enough to awaken the most sluggish of persons. This one has menthol blended with cinnamon to get the maximum effect. Just inhale it for 1-2 seconds and you will feel the difference yourself.



Custom clothing is the craze of the day and if you wish to attire you child in something which is representative of the coming Saint Patrick’s day, then what would be more appropriate than a bodysuit having a large clover/shamrock printed right on the front. You can select from a range of 5 different colors in a range of different sizes. And what’s more, you can also have your baby’s initial printed right in the middle of it.



Green is a color like no other, especially if you love the Irish holiday of St Patrick’s Day. And dancing is something which we all love. Holiday and dancing go hand in hand. So, let us follow the age old adage: Love like you will never be hurt, Sing like there is no one listening, and dance like there is no one watching. If you agree and would like the others to know, there is nothing out there in the market like this 4-leaf clover featuring green shirt.



Do you love the Italian cake called macaron? If you do then you will love these earrings as well. There is certainly something pear shaped about them. These Italian macaron shaped earrings were made in Paris, to highlight your individuality and the underlying fun side. They will look absolutely chic with a range of casual outfits and have hypoallergenic earring posts. So, wear and enjoy.

Catch me I'm Scottish Men's Sleeveless Tee

catch me

If you are Scottish and have always been jealous of the Irish saying: Kiss me I’m Irish, don’t be for there is a shirt out there for all the Scottish lads. And even if you aren’t a wee little lad anymore, with gray hair and some, it’s fine you can still wear a sleeveless tee saying: Catch me I’m Scottish. Made out of 100% cotton and in standard fit, you can wear it and forget that it is even there.

Gildan G120


This is a Fleece Crew 50/50 Dry Blend weighing 9.3 oz. It comes in a range of different colors, 12 to be exact, so you can match it to existing outfits with ease. But what is Dry Blend? Well dry blend is a special method which gives the Crew its Wicking Performance. The whole thing has been sewn together using double needle stitching and is very durable. It comes with ribbed cuffs and a spandex waistband.

Irish Beer Belt


We just love accessory belts. Whether it is there to wield your katana, sword, wand, or whatever, we just love them. But, what about a belt that has IRISH written on it and can be used to hold cans of your favorite beverage. Sounds interesting, right! But, be careful when opening them especially if you have been moving around for a while. Carbonated things have the capacity to go sploosh.



What is the first thing that comes into your mind when we say picnic? A picnic basket right! But, the problem with picnic baskets is that they are cumbersome to carry, especially if the perfect spot is a bit further away from the parking area. In that situation we advise taking the Sorrento Picnic Tote & Backpack. The food compartment has proper insulation and it will keep your food hot, while the straps make it very easy to shoulder carry.



If you have had the misfortune of suffering from back pain, we can sympathize with you. You do not have to be an athlete to suffer from it. People from all fields of life suffer from it, with one of the most prevalent causes being bad posture. This is a self-treatment approved by APA and is in use by the Australian Olympic team. These balls with ease out your muscles and bring instant relief. They are safe and easy to use.

Green Circuit Board Round Cufflinks

green button

Do you have an uncanny love for circuits? No, we are not talking about the F1 race. These come from recycled and repurposed computer electronics. They are unique, even from each other. They are hand cut from different circuits so only the shape remains the same, the circuit itself will always be unique. It is set in sterling silver plated brass and the circuits are covered by clear jeweler’s resin to protect the circuit and give it a magnified appearance.

HubVolt JR


What is the most important thing that you carry on your person? Undoubtedly, it is you smartphone. It helps you stay connected to the world, while you are on the move. However, constant use can drain the battery. Your car is the perfect place to charge your phone. And this is a universal car charger. All you need is a power port or a cigarette lighter port and you are all set to charge your mobile devices. The output is 12V, 1A.

Celtic Complexion Creme 2oz


Do you have an absolutely dry skin, which just refuses to stay moisturized leading to an earlier progression of lines? The fact is that most moisturizing crèmes contain up to 80% water, which just evaporates quickly. This one however has been made using Shea butter, coconut oil and a whole lot of other healthy things. Just use the spatula to scoop out the tiniest bit and rub it between your fingers before applying; you will feel the difference yourself.

Artichoke Kitchen Towel


Towels can be messy gloomy things especially the ones which are used often in the kitchen. But, you can change all that with this vibrant one which has a screen printed Artichoke on the front. The green and white contrast will keep you out of gloom. The bottom stripes have been hand painted just for you. And if you ever forget to take your dietary fiber requirements, this will remind you of it. After all, an artichoke is almost 50% fiber.



No this T shirt is not for the lovers of Tesla Motors, but rather it is in recognition of one of the most underrated scientists of his era: Nicole Tesla. Despite his contributions to the AC supply system that we enjoy today, unlike Thomas Edison, he is not found among the many text books. If you believe in celebrating a person who was far ahead of his time and whose thinking can be seen in the wireless technologies of today, then wear it proudly.

Irish Blessing 14-16" Cluster Focal Necklace


Beautiful gemstones, gold-filled and vermeil metals, and adjustable lobster claw clasp, are all things which are the basic things needed for an excellent necklace. What is left is design and sometimes simple is the best design that there can be. The gemstones are an exquisite mix of aquamarine, kyanite, and pariba topaz. It will make you stand out in a charming evening from among your peers.

Sexy Leprechaun


What does the St Patrick’s Day bring to the rest of the world? The answer is beautifully dressed leprechauns. It is a creature that is very deeply embedded into Irish folklore. If you have a soft spot for the gold hiding little creature and wish to dress like them, this will be the ideal costume for the day, for ladies that is. Heads will turn and people would want to ruffle your hair, that sounds a bit inconvenient to us, but then it can be used for other purposes.

Bridle Frame


This scarlet frame from Scarlet and Pink, somehow reminds you of horses. It can accommodate a 5 x 7 inch photo and comes with a bit and bridle accent. If you love horses, then you will love this piece. It will adorn your mantle and can be taken on long journeys away from home, to remind you of the love that you have for the magnificent creatures.



If you are into sports, but would like a sports shirt that is just simple, beautiful, and most importantly without the brand advertising, then this will be the ideal item for you. It features a feminine design with a contoured welt collar and cuffs. It comes in a range of different colors and in all sizes. The 100% rung spun cotton will keep you comfortable throughout your sojourns. It has been pre-shrunk so just take the right size without fear of it shrinking down.



Alcohol is a drink which is considered as foreign by our body and considered as a poison by the liver. In large quantities it can lead to some really bad situations. If you are of those who drink, you will likely be aware of the countless promises you have taken on being in a hangover. Well, we would suggest staying away from the dangerous line. However, if you are unable to control yourself at the right time, just take this before you go out with the buddies. It is derived from traditional Chinese medicine and will help in dispelling the worst effects.

It is a time of joy and celebrations indeed and if we have helped you even a bit then our work is done. But, in all the joy remember those less fortunate and always stay safe in your consumption of matters considered alien by the body. Slan. provides coupon codes for stores like Groupon coupon, Nike coupons, Backcountry coupon, Converse promo code, American Eagle coupon,Republic Wireless Coupons, Fitbit coupons, The North Face Coupons, G2A discount code Shein coupons etc.