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Who They Are is an online retailer from Scandinavia, which brings Scandinavian fashion and accessories to the world. It was formed back in 2009 by Karin & Mathias Berg, to fulfill their dream of bringing to light classic timeless products that show their own passion and enthusiasm. This store is a presentation of their own unique style, and the collections are usually compiled from their personal choices. One question is always there for them: “What would we like to wear?” Despite, their love of the classics, they understand that people like to have some diversity when it comes to wearing clothes; hence they have some other contemporary pieces available as well.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started back in 2009
  • Most collections feature classic timeless pieces
  • Scandinavian fashion
  • Sourced from the best manufacturers in Italy and Scotland
  • Shipping available to all the major regions

The Products

They offer a whole range of different high quality products, which can be divided into the following categories: Accessories, Clothing, Leather Goods, Socks & Underwear, and Editorials. Let us go through them briefly to get a better understanding of the quality, range, diversity, and quantity of the products.



Any outfit is incomplete without the proper accessories. The best of suits would look awkward without a good belt accompanying the trousers. Likewise, if you are out in the sun a quality pair of sunglasses not only provides protection from glares, but is also a reflection of your unique personality. The accessories that they hold are more of a formal type. This section contains Ties, Knitted Ties, Bow Ties, Scarves, and Pocket Squares.

When it comes to ties, there is just this charm in the classics that is hard to find in the contemporary stuff. With patterns like Dots, Stripes, and Plaids present in their inventory, you are sure to find a piece that will become your next favorite. They source their ties from Naples, Italy and all of them are handmade with great care and craftsmanship. You will find them in a range of different materials like Hemp, Cotton, Linen, Silk, and Wool. So, when you visit be sure to go through their ties collection, you may find an excellent one for the next business meeting.

The Knitted ties are odd and we must say that we have had little experience with them. However, they are available in a similar range of materials like silk, wool, cashmere, cotton, linen. They also have a large collection of Bow Ties for the formal bow tie events.

They Scarves are a delight in the cold weather or cold regions like Scandinavia. They form a very good barrier against cold and doubly act as an excellent fashion accessory. They have a veritable collection which will satisfy even the toughest of buyers. We just love the classic plaids, which are available in a range of different colors and designs. They import them from Italy and Scotland.



Their clothes section is simply marvelous. They have the following available for purchase: Knitwear, Trousers, Shirts, Polo Shirts, T-shirts, and Swimwear.

Their Knitwear is all about style and warmth. Made from the finest quality materials in Scotland and Italy, they have knitwear available in merino and cotton.  You will find some excellent muted colors here. This is not the largest collection on the internet, but they are rather a specialty store and do not compete on quantity. You can couple this with some excellent wool trousers and dress shirts.

The rest is balanced by colorful polo shirts and some really interesting swimwear products.

Leather Goods

Leather Goods

Leather Goods is divided into three important accessories: Portfolios/Cases, Wallets, and Belts. Since the beginning we have had a love affair with leather products. Despite the range of equally durable materials now available in the market, leather still trumps them all in grace. The refined laptop portfolio cases on this website are truly remarkable. The words that come to mind are: simple and elegant. They will protect the essential data carrying machine from the environment and with age leather only grows more beautiful.

Wallets and Cardholders are becoming sort of obsolete nowadays. However, they aren’t extinct yet. Despite the steep rise in use of the plastic instead of real money, they are an essential accessory. After all, you have to keep the plastic somewhere. And if you are old fashioned like us, where else would you put your family photo. We suggest you buy one of each accessory in their Leather Goods section to complete the set. Nothing beats having a leather portfolio, with a leather belt and wallet.

Socks & Underwear

Pajamas, Boxer Shorts, and Socks are the three things available through this category. One will let you have a good night’s sleep, the other a comfortable day, with the third one being very important for your feet. Choose carefully.


If you ever find yourself lost and at a loss to make up your mind, then go to their editorials and you will find some really good reading material on the items in their inventory. It is sort of like their Blog and the readability has been specifically kept in mind when writing the articles. They will give you in depth information on their current and upcoming collections.

Coupons and Benefits

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How to Use Them

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