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Sierra Trading Post is a company which provides access to off-price outdoor merchandise and gear. The company was formulated back in 1986 and has since been headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They have 9 standalone retail stores, which they use to sell off price merchandise from more than 3000 branded manufacturers. They employ 950 people across their operations. It was acquired by TJX Companies in 2012 and becoming a part of the group has helped them expand with more than 500,000 square feet of space across the board. Working with a slogan of: We are all Explorers, they believe in a philosophy of high quality and efficient customer service. They will not feature anything in their business, which they are not ready to use themselves on their expeditions.

Things to Know About Them

  • Started in 1986
  • 9 retail locations across different US States
  • A very successful ecommerce setup in the form of
  • Have policies which are geared towards protecting the environment
  • They are all about providing value for money

CSR Initiatives

Today CSR initiatives are equally important for customers. It is no longer enough that you are providing high quality products. They have to be backed by ethical manufacturing by people who are getting fair wages. Sierra Trading Post teams deal with explorers and are themselves explorers. This has them in constant contact with the environment. This is why they understand the beauty and have taken solid steps to make their business as ethical and environment friendly as possible.

All of their catalogues are printed from paper which is sourced from forests being managed under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. SFI is a very complex system which believes not only in protecting the trees, but also other parts of the environment such as water quality, biodiversity, and wild life habitat. The catalogues are of course 100% recyclable. Their environmental concerns are not satisfied with using the SFI paper, but extend to their printing partners as well. They only partner with people who have the LEED certification from The US Green Building Council.

Their own policies at the headquarters are geared towards reuse and recycle. This is true for packaging as well as other materials. A major portion of their energy requirements are fulfilled by solar panels and this is further enhanced by effective building design which allows natural light. The savings are further compounded by lighting systems which shut down automatically. Water savings are ensured by using motion detectors in plumbing fixtures. In short, they are very careful of how they are affecting the environment in all the possible ways that they can.

The Products

Their product list can be divided into the following categories: Clothing, Shoes, Sports & Outdoors, Home & Pet, Brands, Clearance, and New Items. Let us explore their categories briefly to get a better understanding of their range of operations.


This is one of their largest categories with respect to number of items. The section is further subdivided into Men’s, Women’s, and Kid’s. Each of these is then further divided according to relevant sections.

Mens Clothing

The Men’s collection has the regular Shirts, Shorts, Pants, Vests, Base Layer, Sleepwear, etc. Once inside one of the major categories you can further refine the displayed items according to size, brands, color, features, price, and even popularity. Or if you are looking for something very specific then using their site search feature would yield results much faster. Just put in the right keywords and it will bring up the relevant items.

Their assortment will give you the whole range of items. The colors are vibrant and the designs are exquisite. The shirts section has a veritable collection indeed. Whether you are looking for a plaid button up shirt or a simple long sleeve shirt, you will get them in your relevant size and your favorite color.

Womens Clothing

The Women’s Collection features a similar arrangement and diversity. There are more colors available here along with some additional categories covering skirts, capris, etc. One of the coolest things about their collection is that you will not have to sacrifice your personal style for practicality. They have absolutely wonderful designs which will not hinder your movement or your style.



Shoes are one of the most important part of your adventure. A good pair of boots will save you from trouble in a lot of difficult situations. You cannot wear your oxfords to the beach and wearing heels would be disastrous on a hiking trip. So, our advice is to choose wisely. Whether you are a guy looking for a hip hair of sandals to wear on the beach or a gal selecting boots for your next hiking trip, you will find their collection to be absolutely terrific.

Sports and Outdoors


This is the place where the true fun material is. Going out for a camping trip this weekend, you are likely to need some camping gear for that. This is the place to buy it. Their products are divided into the following activity based sections:

Camping & Hiking Climbing Fishing
Cycling Triathlon Gear Water Sports
Sunglasses Hunting Gear Snow Sports
Binoculars & Cameras Dog Accessories Luggage
Auto Accessories Electronics & Gadgets


Why do they have a separate section for Binoculars! That is a good question. Let us answer it this way. You are on a trip to the African Savannahs, if you can see a lion hunting his prey with your own two eyes clearly, then you may be a tad too close to it. Binoculars are the perfect gadget to observe nature and cameras are the best thing to shoot them with, unless it is attacking you. We would suggest guns in that situation.

The rest of the categories have an excellent range of items as well.


Sierra Trading Post is a good place to buy all your outdoor gear and apparel. But, we understand that even in off prices, the stuff can be expensive. So, if you are looking for coupons to lower the prices, Rebateszone can help you get the latest Sierra Trading Post Coupon Codes in the market. Just copy them and use them during checkout to get the stated discounts. However, we highly advise on using the relevant promo codes ASAP, they are in high demand and have short life cycles. So, use them while you can.