Wisdom Panel Coupon Codes Promo Code

Wisdom Panel is the online platform of Mars Veterinary which is a business unit of Mars Petcare while the parent company at the back end is the billion dollar Mars, Inc. Wisdom Panel fundamentally provides vital information regarding pet dogs which is used to understand the breed in a better way while it helps in developing a greater collaboration between the dog, the dog – owner and the veterinarians. For about ten years, Mars Veterinary has strived and researched for facts and options to understand the genetics of both purebred and mixed – bred dogs and has developed different genetics tests which cannot be compared with any others like them! The company aims at enhancing the knowledge of different dog – owners about their pets so to increase their sense of responsibility and appropriate care towards their dogs. Wisdom panel has loads of valuable information regarding all the breeds of dogs including their histories, characteristics, classification and diseases. The premium tests offered by the company allows the dog – owners to know about the genetic level back to the ancestors of their respective dogs, predicted weight profile and MDR – 1 genetic mutation. Similarly, they enable the dog – owners to know about the optimal match for breeding which can provision maximum health to the next generations and avoid certain genetic disorders. There is a very simple procedure to follow for getting the tests done with utmost convenience and reliability.

The company keeps a very healthy relation with all their customers as they feel themselves to be an ambassador of health and compassion between the dogs and their owners. They actively participate on the social media to update all of their viewers on what’s going on in the world of dogs while respond to each of their queries with swiftness. They also have an online dog community which features some amazing reviews as discoveries about the genetics and ancestries helped the owners to co – ordinate with vets and devise tailor – made programs for the wellness of the dogs.

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